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README is published by Synack but is editorially independent. Since its launch in August 2021, README has featured smart, engaging and technically accurate reporting about the most pressing issues facing the infosec community, from the U.S. response to Russian cyber aggression in Ukraine to the promise and peril of open-source software reliance. README contributors have included award-winning journalists and academics as well as members of the security industry, whose contributions are vetted to adhere to strict journalistic principles of fairness and accuracy. 

Meet the team



Blake Thompson Heuer

README editor-in-chief Blake Thompson Heuer has a decade of experience in cybersecurity journalism and has covered a range of hacking threats facing critical infrastructure worldwide. He won a SABEW Best in Business award for his investigation of a cyberattack on a Saudi Arabian petrochemical facility. You can contact Blake at bsobczak@synack.com.



Nathaniel Mott

README senior editor Nathaniel Mott has been covering security since 2011, with bylines in PCMag, The Guardian and too many other publications to list here. You can reach Nathaniel at nmott@synack.com.