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Hear (some) evil: How video conferencing software can undermine security
Vulnerabilities in nigh-ubiquitous apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Slack, combined with the behavioral changes that accompanied many people’s unexpected move to remote work, have had an outsized impact on security.
India’s new cyber rules stoke privacy, security fears
Tech companies — including several global VPN providers — and privacy advocates are bristling at new cyber requirements they say could jeopardize the security of Indian citizens.
Biometrics are key to a passwordless future. They also pose vexing cyber risks
Verifying users based on their fingerprints, irises or some other biological measurement could backfire for Big Tech if companies fail to heed cybersecurity threats.
Researchers show how platforms can scrub COVID conspiracies, election lies and other misinformation
A team of North American researchers is developing a statistics-based technique to weed out falsehoods from social media platforms, with implications for election integrity, cybersecurity and COVID-19.