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CISA cyber reporting mandate faces tough road
A coalition of organizations has asked CISA to extend the public comment period on new cyberattack reporting rules proposed in response to CIRCIA.
Why Finland won’t flinch from Russian cyberthreats
Finland offers a model of how a Western democracy can harden its vital industries against cyberattacks while resisting hybrid conflict and information operations, but can other countries follow suit?
Steep costs, troubling questions roil DOD cybersecurity program rollout
About 80,000 companies that sell to the U.S. military will need to pass a cybersecurity audit before they can bid for business under rules the Defense Department plans to impose next year. But many small defense contractors aren’t prepared for the brave new world of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program.
Inside the Conti leaks rattling the cybercrime underground
Leaked internal message traffic makes the ruthless Conti ransomware gang look like any other struggling agile software startup — complete with millennial buzzwords and complaints about pay and working conditions.
Thousands of Pentagon contractors could buckle under cybersecurity push
The Biden administration is forging ahead with a scaled-back plan to regulate cybersecurity in the vast and complicated defense industry marketplace. But the halting rollout of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, or CMMC, program illustrates the perils and pitfalls of rewriting supply chain cyber rules for the defense industrial base.
Hackers square off to close gaps in satellite cybersecurity
The second annual Hack-A-Sat competition pits security researchers against real satellite equipment as the U.S. military rushes to address space cybersecurity risks.
Space cyber wargame exposes satellite industry risks
A tabletop exercise tested how space industry leaders would handle a potentially devastating breach of a satellite’s ground control uplink.
Space hacking risks pose cyber policy test for Biden admin
The White House won’t be defining the space industry as critical infrastructure, despite mounting pressure from business and lawmakers.
This vulnerability puts the future of U.S. warfighting at risk
Security flaws in a standardized component widely used in military and avionics systems threaten the Pentagon’s plans for an Internet of Military Things.
10 things we learned — and relearned — at DEF CON 29 (some that have nothing to do with security)
A lot of it has to do with cryptocurrency fallacies, hacking buildings, bizarre contests, furs, bad IoT security and other wonderful and intriguing elements of infosec culture.
DEF CON spirit muted but unbowed by Covid
The legendary hacker con was less packed than usual — and some people liked it that way.
Hacking space on the horizon for 2023
U.S. Space Force is working on a plan for security researchers to attempt to pwn a live satellite orbiting earth in Hack-A-Sat 4.
How digital ‘drifters,’ eager to turn an easy profit online, fuel the malware marketplace
New research presented during Black Hat 2021 in Las Vegas on Wednesday reveals the important role of amateur, and amateurish, players in sustaining the cybercrime ecosystem.