Russia’s ‘Vulkan Files,’ a 3CX supply chain attack and White House action on spyware
Welcome to Changelog for 4/2/23, published by Synack! Nathaniel Mott here, back with a look at some of the biggest cybersecurity news of the week.
Tesla exploits, a hacker obituary and a look past Capitol Hill’s TikTok fixation
Welcome to Changelog for 3/26/23, published by Synack! It’s me, Blake, and I can’t believe RSA is less than a month away. There’s still plenty to cover until then, so we’ll get right to it:
Sandworm’s kingpin, a CISA ransomware pilot and pandemic scams
Welcome to Changelog for 3/19/23, published by Synack! Blake here, basking in the annual D.C. tradition of peak cherry blossom bloom. I’ll jog around the Tidal Basin later this afternoon to soak up the views, but for now, here’s the week’s cyber news:
A D.C. healthcare breach, ransomware updates and China’s “most active” cyberthreat
Welcome to Changelog for 3/12/23, published by Synack! It’s me, Blake, and I’m excited about tonight’s season finale of The Last of Us — not to mention the bonus behind-the-scenes episode that will air afterward.
Russia-Ukraine cyber conflict splits APT groups, raises threat level
The global cyberthreat landscape has changed since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but not necessarily in the ways predicted.
A national cyber strategy, EPA cyber regulations and one giant leap for space hacking
Welcome to Changelog for 3/5/23, published by Synack! Blake here, filling in for Nate Mott over the next few weeks.
Honeypots for Dota cheats, Dole ransomware and Russia’s waning influence ops
Welcome to Changelog for 2/26/23, published by Synack! Nate Mott here, signing on from upstate New York—which is currently getting less snow than Los Angeles—with the latest and greatest in the week’s cyber news.
New strategies, “soul-searching” needed to secure critical infrastructure
At this year’s S4 conference in Miami Beach, top industrial control system experts offered various solutions that could replace the increasingly obsolete security through obscurity method for protecting ICS.
Stalkerware worries, a WebKit zero-day and Chris Inglis’s departure
Welcome to Changelog for 2/19/23, published by Synack! Nate Mott here, writing from the cold-once-again boonies of upstate New York with this week’s cyber news: