Lapsus$ breaks windows instead of picking locks, and that terrifies cybersecurity experts
T-Mobile is the latest high-profile target of the Lapsus$ cybercriminal group, whose bar-brawl tactics have stoked tech industry fears of copycat attacks
‘Brazen’ Lapsus$ ransomware group menaces Big Tech
Recent data breaches at NVIDIA, Samsung and Ubisoft have brought a new cybercrime group to light: Lapsus$. Here’s what we know about the malicious hacking crew that’s been targeting Big Tech.
“Meant to be devastating.” Wiper malware rattles Ukraine as Russia presses invasion
HermeticWiper, much like the WhisperGate malware discovered in Ukrainian networks last month, deletes the Master Boot Record that allows the Windows operating system to load.
Destructive malware is back in Ukraine. Will it usher in cyberconflict?
The WhisperGate malware masquerades as ransomware but really breaks computer files beyond repair.