Bad torts: Law firms feel the heat from rising cyber threats
Experts say the sensitive data law firms hold and their lagging attention to cybersecurity make them prime targets.
Commit 09_19_2023: ShroudedSnooper, ShadowDragon
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Commit 09_18_2023: Hello, world!
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Changelog: MGM outages mark new chapter of ransomware chaos
Welcome to Changelog for 9/14/23. README senior editor Nathaniel Mott here with the latest on MGM Resorts, a Chrome zero-day and the week's top infosec news.
Death by digital: attacks on healthcare put people at risk
At least one person has died as what was arguably the direct result of a digital attack on a hospital, but cybercriminals seem unlikely to stop.
AI’s peril and promise for policymakers and cyber defenders
At this year’s Billington Summit, experts highlighted the risks and benefits that AI poses for national security and the cybersecurity sector.
Changelog: Microsoft breaks down the Storm-0558 hack
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Changelog: Another busy week for Beijing cyberthreats
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How AI could inflame one of the costliest cyber scams
Deepfakes, stolen email addresses and identity fraud drive continued gains in business email compromise attacks. How can defenders fend them off?