Memory safety is the first step, not the last, towards secure software
The U.S. government and technology giants alike are urging developers to replace C and C++ with modern, memory-safe languages like Rust. Will it be enough?
Commit 09_26_2023: U.S. surveillance relies on private allies
Welcome to Commit 09_26_2023, featuring reports on the public-private partnerships that enable U.S. surveillance, a max-severity vulnerability and more.
Commit 09_25_2023: Schrödinger's Scattered Spider
Welcome to Commit 09_25_2023, with coverage of the group that hacked MGM resorts, a new iOS spyware exploit chain and more.
Changelog: Signal makes a quantum leap
Welcome to Changelog for 9/21/23, published by Synack! README senior editor Nathaniel Mott here with Signal's plans for quantum computing and other infosec news.
Bad torts: Law firms feel the heat from rising cyber threats
Experts say the sensitive data law firms hold and their lagging attention to cybersecurity make them prime targets.
Commit 09_19_2023: ShroudedSnooper, ShadowDragon
Hello! Welcome to Commit 09_19_2023. README senior editor Nathaniel Mott here with the latest infosec news, starting with ShroudedSnooper and ShadowDragon.
Commit 09_18_2023: Hello, world!
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Changelog: MGM outages mark new chapter of ransomware chaos
Welcome to Changelog for 9/14/23. README senior editor Nathaniel Mott here with the latest on MGM Resorts, a Chrome zero-day and the week's top infosec news.
Death by digital: attacks on healthcare put people at risk
At least one person has died as what was arguably the direct result of a digital attack on a hospital, but cybercriminals seem unlikely to stop.