Changelog: Microsoft breaks down the Storm-0558 hack
README senior editor Nathaniel Mott here to tell you that no, you don’t have to check your calendar, it’s not Sunday. We’ve moved Changelog to Thursday so we can bring you the latest cybersecurity news without disturbing your weekend.
Changelog: Another busy week for Beijing cyberthreats
Welcome to Changelog for 8/27/23, published by Synack! README senior editor Nathaniel Mott here with a quick housekeeping note: This will be the last installment of the newsletter for August.
How AI could inflame one of the costliest cyber scams
Deepfakes, stolen email addresses and identity fraud drive continued gains in business email compromise attacks. How can defenders fend them off?
Changelog: The calm before many AI storms
Welcome to Changelog for 8/13/23! Nathaniel Mott here with the latest updates on AI-augmented influence operations, Microsoft's ongoing scrutiny and more.
Postcards from Hacker Summer Camp 2023
The promise and threat of AI, government policy and surprising revelations about the Viasat hack were among the major takeaways from Black Hat and DEF CON.
Dark Caracal: A bumbling, yet surprisingly effective, cyber mercenary group
At DEF CON, EFF security researcher Cooper Quintin discussed a mysterious group called Dark Caracal that has proven effective despite making many mistakes.
U.S. cyber board’s Lapsus$ postmortem, CPU vulns and remembering Vim’s creator
U.S. cyber board’s Lapsus$ postmortem, CPU vulns and remembering Vim’s creator
Back-to-back Ivanti vulns, Microsoft woes and robocaller schadenfreude
Welcome to Changelog for 8/6/23, published by Synack! Nathaniel Mott here with the week’s security news. Yes, README will be covering Black Hat and DEF CON later this week, so stay tuned for highlights from Hacker Summer Camp.
Disruptive Chinese malware, Storm-0558 fallout and SEC cyber rules
Welcome to Changelog for 7/30/23, published by Synack! Nathaniel Mott here, still parsing the New York Times’ blockbuster report Saturday citing intelligence that China “has hidden deep inside the networks controlling power grids, communications systems and water supplies that feed military bases in the United States and around the world.”