What do hackers risk by joining the ‘IT Army of Ukraine’?
A government-backed push in Ukraine to get grassroots support for hacking Russia is raising legal and ethical questions.
Documents reveal depth of anxiety over possible Russian cyberattacks on U.S. grid
A trove of emails from top Homeland Security officials expose how the U.S. government scrambled to ensure the defenses of American utilities after Russia brought down parts of Ukraine’s power grid in 2015.
Thousands of Pentagon contractors could buckle under cybersecurity push
The Biden administration is forging ahead with a scaled-back plan to regulate cybersecurity in the vast and complicated defense industry marketplace. But the halting rollout of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, or CMMC, program illustrates the perils and pitfalls of rewriting supply chain cyber rules for the defense industrial base.
How I hacked my way to the top of DARPA’s hardware bug bounty
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Destructive malware is back in Ukraine. Will it usher in cyberconflict?
The WhisperGate malware masquerades as ransomware but really breaks computer files beyond repair.
Hackers square off to close gaps in satellite cybersecurity
The second annual Hack-A-Sat competition pits security researchers against real satellite equipment as the U.S. military rushes to address space cybersecurity risks.
Space cyber wargame exposes satellite industry risks
A tabletop exercise tested how space industry leaders would handle a potentially devastating breach of a satellite’s ground control uplink.
Space hacking risks pose cyber policy test for Biden admin
The White House won’t be defining the space industry as critical infrastructure, despite mounting pressure from business and lawmakers.
CISA can’t succeed in the Pentagon’s shadow
Congress and the Biden administration need to truly empower the civilian cybersecurity agency to drive real and effective change needed to defend the country against punishing cyberattacks.
Hacking space on the horizon for 2023
U.S. Space Force is working on a plan for security researchers to attempt to pwn a live satellite orbiting earth in Hack-A-Sat 4.