How I became a hacker before I finished high school
Learn how Ally Petitt earned her OSCP and joined the Synack Red Team before graduating high school.
Uncertainty hits the cybersecurity jobs market
Despite forecasts of healthy demand for cybersecurity skills, workers see more cuts and a more intense hiring process in their futures.
Zero-days aren't just for nation-states anymore
In 2023, attackers continue to wield more zero-day exploits against companies and individuals, using them for ransomware, surveillance and espionage.
Attackers see developers as low-hanging fruit
Developers must be increasingly wary of actively malicious code that makes its way into their software supply chains.
Wartime muddies waters for 'hacktivist' threat
The rise of hacktivism in a world mired in two significant wars blurs the lines between military and citizen combatants, and holding them accountable won't be easy.
The problems with vulnerability reporting
Several recent incidents in the U.S. system for reporting vulnerabilities highlight the importance of accurate, comprehensive bug reports for defenders
Memory safety is the first step, not the last, towards secure software
The U.S. government and technology giants alike are urging developers to replace C and C++ with modern, memory-safe languages like Rust. Will it be enough?
Bad torts: Law firms feel the heat from rising cyber threats
Experts say the sensitive data law firms hold and their lagging attention to cybersecurity make them prime targets.
Death by digital: attacks on healthcare put people at risk
At least one person has died as what was arguably the direct result of a digital attack on a hospital, but cybercriminals seem unlikely to stop.
AI’s peril and promise for policymakers and cyber defenders
At this year’s Billington Summit, experts highlighted the risks and benefits that AI poses for national security and the cybersecurity sector.