Inside the Conti leaks rattling the cybercrime underground
Leaked internal message traffic makes the ruthless Conti ransomware gang look like any other struggling agile software startup — complete with millennial buzzwords and complaints about pay and working conditions.
Criminals robbing criminals: exit scams fuel dark web paranoia
The sudden demise of darknet site Monopoly Market may have coincided with an exit scam. Experts say such con jobs could grow more common as law enforcement takedowns pressure dark web operators.
Crying wolf over QR codes? Coinbase’s Super Bowl ad sparks infosec debate
A Super Bowl ad last week from cryptocurrency platform Coinbase featured a bouncing QR code that ruffled feathers in the cybersecurity community. Some experts say the risks of scanning it may have been overblown.
Researchers show how platforms can scrub COVID conspiracies, election lies and other misinformation
A team of North American researchers is developing a statistics-based technique to weed out falsehoods from social media platforms, with implications for election integrity, cybersecurity and COVID-19.
Big Tech is mandating MFA. Hackers have workarounds
Multi-factor authentication offers users far more protection than a password alone. But experts warn it’s no panacea against hackers.
The internet is hooked on packages. Hackers have noticed
Cyberattacks targeting the “packages” that underpin global software programs have rattled the open-source community and exposed gaps in developers’ supply chain security practices.
Ransomware is the existential threat that could reverse crypto’s rise
With the threat of ransomware increasingly difficult for US policymakers to ignore, cryptocurrency exchanges should prepare to be the target of increasing regulatory scrutiny — or outright bans — in many countries.
10 things we learned — and relearned — at DEF CON 29 (some that have nothing to do with security)
A lot of it has to do with cryptocurrency fallacies, hacking buildings, bizarre contests, furs, bad IoT security and other wonderful and intriguing elements of infosec culture.
DEF CON spirit muted but unbowed by Covid
The legendary hacker con was less packed than usual — and some people liked it that way.
How digital ‘drifters,’ eager to turn an easy profit online, fuel the malware marketplace
New research presented during Black Hat 2021 in Las Vegas on Wednesday reveals the important role of amateur, and amateurish, players in sustaining the cybercrime ecosystem.